2nd EGM Spain AVANTE

International EGM 3rd Wave 2023

Our  AVANTE EGM report with the 3rd Wave 2023 is now available. As usual, we break down the consumption of advertising media at the International level and the behavior of the audiences in Radio, Internet, Press, Foreign and Magazines in Spain. 

In Spain, the Internet once again leads in terms of penetration, ahead of conventional television (which regains second place) and digital television, which moves up to third place. It is followed by the Outdoor media, which increased its penetration with respect to the previous EGM. Social Media experienced an increase of three percentage points, consolidating fifth place, and Radio in sixth place with a similar figure to the previous accumulated figure. In general terms, there was a general increase in top 5 media consumption in Spain, with the rise in Cinema, which almost doubled its audience, and Magazines, which increased by 17%.



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